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Natural protection: A mineral based diaper + barrier cream infused with Australian botanicals and natural butters to help provide a protective barrier to delicate skin

Nutrient-rich goodness: Active ingredient zinc oxide helps to provide tropical protection, astringent and antiseptic properties. Combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of lavender, calendula and Kakadu plum which may improve skin condition and help to relieve any discomfort associated with diaper rash, dryness and other skin irritation.

Easy dispenser: Comes in a handy, airless dispensing har to preserve the natural ingredients while supporting hygienic single-handed use (keep one hand on baby, one hand on a jar!) and precise dosing for less waste, and less barrier cream stuck under fingernails. 

Vegan-friendly: Free from nasties, hydrate is plant-based and vegan-friendly. 

Dermatologist tested: Patented formula developed by a skin care expert using quality Australian botanicals and plant-based ingredients

About body: Best for baby and family, naturally. body merges nature and science to deliver clinical skincare benefits and an indulgent sensory experience. Proudly Australian made. 


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