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Put the pure into baby purees with the First Fresh Foods Blender and Steamer from The First Years. It’s easy to make your baby healthy meals with this 3-in-1 baby food maker. Featuring patented technology with a powerful motor, the blender allows you to process your baby’s purees to the perfect consistency. And you’re in full control of what goes inside, meaning you can provide your baby with organic fruits, vegetables, meat and cereals for much less than buying baby food pouches or jars from the store. And with a capacity of over 3 cups, it’s simple to make multiple servings at once.

Unlike other baby food processors that push steam down from above, First Fresh Foods steams from beneath for even and consistent heating. Whether choosing to just steam, just blend, or combining the two; the intuitive controls are easy to use with no complicated programming required.

After food prep is done, the all-in-one chamber for blending and steaming eliminates extra steps and makes cleanup easier. The removable water tank lets you give it a thorough clean with no worries that mold or mildew will build up inside as often happens with baby food steamers that have enclosed tanks. Best yet, the blade and bowl are both dishwasher safe, making them as easy to clean as they are to use.

  • Multi-Function Baby Food Maker: Steams and blends foods to the custom consistency you choose for your baby, or choose the Steam Only option to soften larger pieces for easier eating
  • Consistent Cooking: Other baby food steamers push steam down from above, but First Fresh Foods steams from beneath for even and consistent heating
  • Easy to Clean: Removable water tank with full lid lets you give the whole chamber a thorough clean; no worries that mold or mildew will build up inside like in enclosed tank models
  • Easy to Use: Large capacity bowl, simple controls, and all-in-one chamber for steaming and blending make it easy to prepare multiple meals at once
  • Farm to Table Baby Food: Skip the jars and put the pure back into baby purees by putting yourself in control of what your baby eats; create your own organic baby food with locally grown veggies; you get to choose what foods to use in this baby food blender and steamer


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