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These adorable imps are irresistible! The Beedibies dolls have all vinyl bodies and painted eyes. With a size of 8 inch, they are perfect to hold and carry. With a sideways gaze, Gabin will be sure to catch your eye and make you smile! He is so sweet when he sucks his thumb and his outie belly button adds to his charm! This lovely doll is greatly complimented by 2 other dolls in this series including Beediblies Gustave - 500010 and Beedibies Gaspard - 500030. Beedibies Gustave is dressed like an angel, with beautiful white wings (not removable) on his back. He proudly sports a gold B on the front of his orange t-shirt and wears matching white bottoms with gold stars. All Beedibies have a delicate vanilla scent, a Corolle signature. There are 3 models to collect. Every year since 1979, the good fairies at Corolle have called on a wealth of imagination to create dolls, clothing and accessories that fit each child’s age and stage. This play helps them learn about the world around them, imitate what they see, explore their dreams, and let their imaginations run free.