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Iris Unicorn (Animoodles #5) from the Isle of Mythos Collection is a soft, fully magnetic unicorn plush with fun multicolored hooves (blue, pink, green, and purple!) and shiny golden horn and wings.

Iris Unicorn is an adventurous Animoodle who loves to travel and see the world.

You can stick her parts to your fridge, or combine her parts with other Animoodles to make your own creation!

  • 7.5" tall when seated
  • Composed of 6 magnetic plush parts: head, torso, 2 arms, and 2 legs
  • Strong magnets are hidden safely inside each plush part
  • Comes with Iris Unicorn character card and Animoodles story booklet
  • Compatible with all Animoodles. Collect them all!
  • Surface clean