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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Tripp Trapp® chair. Designed in Norway by Peter Opsvik, and launched in 1972, millions of children around the world have since enjoyed a seat at the table.

To celebrate the milestone of the chair that grows with the child, Stokke is proud to offer a truly exceptional, limited edition anniversary collection. Quality craftsmanship lies in precision and detailing. In this spirit, Stokke has put a great deal of extra thought into the Limited Edition Ash Natural chair to make something memorable.

For the Limited Edition chair, Stokke has selected premium ash wood not only because of its quality, strength & beauty, but because they can use both parts of the ash wood log. By using all the raw material, they respect the raw material by minimizing waste.

Ash wood has a distinct light-colored wood in the outer circle of the log and a darker colored wood at the core. With highly visible annual rings, the size and structure of the ash wood and the light and the dark area will vary from log to log and the age of the log. Chosen for its high quality and rich look, the densely veined wood of the ash tree reveals multi-dimensional rings in pale & deep tones. This swirled marble effect creates a unique pattern ensuring that every chair is one-of-a-kind. 

Lending to the exclusivity of the chair, each Tripp Trapp® chair will have its own number, like a piece of art, as well as a laser engraved anniversary logo.


  • Limited quantities available
  • Made with premium ash wood
  • Focus on sustainability: Using both parts of the ash wood log
  • Each chair features a laser engraved anniversary logo and is engraved with a number, just like a piece of art
  • Includes: Tripp Trapp® Ash Natural chair and Tripp Trapp® Baby Set Hazy Grey

Dimensions: 19.29" L x 18.11" W x 31.1" H

Weight: 21.4 lbs.