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The all new exclusive Nuna Pipa Lite Infant Car Seat weighs in at a mere 5.3 pounds making it the lightest infant car seat on the market. It also contains less additives from the fabric to foam to beyond. Each element is smartly sourced to be both flame resistant and contain no added fire retardant chemical  

We’re so excited about this all new infant car seats that is revolutionary and changing the way car seats are made.   And at 5.3 lbs the Nuna Pipa Lite is so light making carrying baby in the car seat a breeze!

The pipa lite is recommended for us from 4 to 32 lbs. (and up to 32 Inches).

Not only is the Pipa Lite super lite its also super safe!   We know safety is most important to parents and that’s where the pipa lite really shines.

The aeroflex foam minimizes force transferred to baby by absorbing and diffusing energy.   The Nuna Pipa Lite true lock rigid latch is 50% stronger than a typical belt latch.   Super fast 5 second install make installing the car seat a breeze.   The steel stability leg helps minimize forward rotation during impact .

Nuna Pipa Lite Features:

side impact protection -for ultimate baby safe keeping

super resilient -top of the line plastics

steel stability leg - helps minimize forward rotation during impact up to 90%*

crumple zone - within the stability leg absorbs impact and minimizes force transferred to baby

colored installation indicators - confirm correct connections to the vehicle and car seat to base

 bubble level indicators - aid in minimizing user error

five point harness - keeps little ones in place

UPF 50+canopy -with flip out eyeshade

aeroflex™ foam - cleverly lightweight, resilient and minimizes force transferred to baby by absorbing and diffusing energy


 Pipa Lite Fashion Features:

  • removable headrest’s patented tailor tech™ memory foam provides a comfortable custom fit and grows with baby
  • connects with all Nuna strollers* to create a tasteful travel system
  • leather-look carry handle is both supportive and stylish
  • integrated harness holders help when buckling baby in
  • micro-knit fabric is both cushy and comfortable
  • removable body infant insert grows with baby