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Introducing the Nuna Pipa Lite Infant Car Seat! It weighs just 5.3lbs, and that'll definitely save the sore backs and biceps of busy parents around the country. The lightest infant car seat in the world, the Lite has shed 2.6 pounds from the Pipa while remaining incredibly safe (and even adding extra safety while they were at it). Here's what makes the Lite so revolutionary:


  • State-of-the-art Shell: Nuna employs its Aeroflex Fusion manufacturing process to craft this first-of-its-kind Pipa Lite shell. Typical car seats utilize non-flexible EPS foam. EPP foam is revolutionarily fused with plastic to make the Lite flexible, lightweight, and as safe as possible. Why is flexible better? In the event of a crash, flexible foam will compress to absorb the energy of the impact.
  • Pipa Series Base: It’s got the safe and simple rigid LATCH installation you’d expect from a Pipa. It still has a load leg as well, helping minimize forward rotation during impact up to 90%. The Lite can only be installed with a base, though. So this seat is perfect for families with a car, as you won’t be able to do a baseless installation in a taxi.
  • Memory Foam Headrest: The Pipa Lite's TailorTech memory foam headrest is luxurious, comfy, and shock-absorbing. It cradles your baby when they’re tiny and is removable for when they grow.
  • Chemical-free: While the Pipa has no added flame retardants to any part that touches the baby, the Pipa Lite has no added flame retardants whatsoever! 


Other Pipa Lite 2017 features include:

  • UPF 50+ canopy
  • 5-point harness
  • Side impact protection
  • Leather-look carry handle


Included extras:

  • Additional GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and dye insert, harness covers, and crotch cover


The Nuna Pipa Lite Infant Car Seat holds babies rear-facing from 4-32lbs in weight and up to 32in in height.