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MARVEL COMICS: CAPTAIN AMERICA : TINY BOOK is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

“The world still belongs to the brave, and the just, and the free!”

Discover the most inspirational Captain America moments with this collectible tiny book of quotes!

Captain America has been a pillar of truth, justice, and freedom since he made his very first comic appearance in 1941. Leading by example and always fighting for what is right, it’s no wonder how this Manhattan-born super solider became the inspirational legend he is today. Now, fans can carry the best pearls of wisdom from the first avenger with them in this comprehensive, pocket-sized collection!

• Take Captain America’s wisdom with you wherever you go: With its 1.34” x 1.73” size, this tiny book fits in the palm of your hand.

• More than 150 quotes: Filled with all of Cap’s best motivational speeches and inspirational sayings, this tiny book is the ultimate guide to the most quotable moments in Captain America’s history.

• Great for collectors of all ages: As a stocking stuffer or a novelty gift for your favorite Marvel fan, this tiny book will delight comic book enthusiasts of all ages.

• The perfect addition to your Marvel library: A miniscule but mighty companion to your Marvel collection, Marvel Comics: Captain America is the most inspirational addition to Insight Editions’ line of tiny books covering Spider-Man, classic Disney films, and more.