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HELP YOUR BABY SLEEP SOUNDLY: Wrapped in a snug, cottony embrace, your little one feels safe and ready to drift off into dreamland. Swaddling helps your baby sleep better because it stops their startle reflex: their soft wrap keeps them from waking themselves up! That means they’ll only get up if they really have to. They’ll get the rest they need to grow happy and strong, while you get up to 2 hours of extra sleep per night!

LIGHTWEIGHT COTTON MUSLIN SWADDLE: Keep your baby’s sensitive skin healthy and happy using only the most natural fibers to swaddle them. Our buttery-soft cotton muslin swaddles feature a premium loose weave that makes them breathable and light, while the natural cotton wicks away excess moisture from your little one’s delicate skin. Snuggled in their own little cocoon, your baby will stay dry, happy and just the right amount of warmth all night long.

BRIGHTEN UP YOUR NURSERY: Bring a touch of intentional beauty to your baby’s every day through this eye-catching swaddle. Sprinkled with blossoming off-white flowers and delicate leaves, the rich details and rosy peach background of the Mini Scout swaddle stay vibrant even after several trips to the laundry room. This beautiful blanket is the perfect balance between subtle details and functional essentials: it’s the ideal complement to your little princess’ sweet dreams!

PERFECT FOR BABIES –AND MAMAS- ON THE GO: Soft, lightweight and easily packable, this is a diaper bag must-have when you’re out and about. More than a swaddle, you can easily whip out your Mini Scout blanket to deal with unexpected spills, as a beautiful burp cloth or even a nursing cover! This breathable cotton blanket is still opaque enough to keep you covered, while the lightweight material ensures your baby won’t overheat.