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  • MITTS: Goumi’s organic, scratch free, antimicrobial mittens keep your child happy and healthy. Our signature two-part closure system ensures their mitts stay put. Goumimitts are adjustable for up to 3 months of growth.
  • BOOTIES: Our booties are a wonderful companion to our mitts. Just like our mittens, we use a signature two-part closure system so those adorable booties stay on. These boots are also adjustable for up to 3 months of growth.
  • SCRATCH FREE & ANTIMICROBIAL: Goumimitts are designed to prevent harmful scratches and germs. Our innovative material is tough but soft to gently protect your child from scratches. It’s also naturally germ resistant, so your child stays healthy.
  • ORGANIC, SOFT, AND NATURAL: Our machine washable mittens are 70% bamboo-derived viscose and 30% organic cotton. We use only the best and most innovative materials to guarantee your child stays happy and healthy.
  • SUPPORTS BABY BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: Goumimitts have high contrast patterns to stimulate an infant’s brain and eye development. Our mittens will intrigue your child and help them advance.