Sitting still can be a big challenge for a toddler, who sees a million fascinating things to explore as you stroll through town. However, a few toys, a handful of goldfish crackers, and a sippy cup of juice do wonders to keep a kid content so that you can get where you’re going.


This Baby Jogger Stroller Child Tray is a simple solution that keeps everything close at hand: the ridged surface helps to keep toys and snacks in place, and the attached cup holder will fit nearly any sippy cup or bottle. Attach it easily to your City Select, City Select Lux, or City Premier Strollers! This tray swings open from one corner to make it easy to take your child out or put them back in; parents also report that this tray is a great way to keep little Houdinis from escaping from the stroller! Finally, your compatible Baby Jogger Stroller can fold just fine with the tray attached.