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HELP YOUR BABY SLEEP BETTER: Swaddling helps your baby sleep up to 2 hours more every night! The tight embrace of their Mini Scout swaddle stops their startle reflex, keeping them from waking themselves up. Wrapped tight in their muslin cocoon, your baby feels safe and happy: just as if mama was holding them! Tuck them in and watch your little one get the sleep they need to grow strong and happy.

PATTERNS THAT STAY VIBRANT: Your baby deserves essentials that represent their bright personality –and won’t fade away. Wrap them in cottony bliss with the buttery-soft Mini Scout swaddle. In a sea of blue hues and rich details that stay vibrant wash after wash, this eye-catching swaddle is the perfect balance between function and pretty. Snuggle your little one a soft embrace with this cozy essential that will grow with them.

NATURAL COTTON MUSLIN THAT’S SOFT ON THEIR SKIN: Synthetic fabrics can be too harsh on your little one’s skin, eventually leading to rashes, excess humidity and discomfort. Keep your baby safe, healthy and happy wrapping them in an all-natural cotton swaddle that’s gentle on their skin, keeping them cozy and dry. Our breathable, lightweight muslin cotton swaddle boasts a custom loose weave that wicks away excess moisture, helping your baby stay fresh all night long.